Check-MDR CT103XL

The most comprehensive CE-IVD assay for molecular beta-lactamase identification

Includes new carbapenemase and ESBL targets, including emerging types and those typically found in non-fermenters. Stay up-to-date, stay in control.

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Multiplex real-time PCR ASSAYS

Accurate results in 2 hours directly from rectal swabs or cultures

Check-Points offers a range of rapid molecular assays

Our products support you in identifying and controlling the spread of carbapenemases, ESBLs and AmpCs & rapid molecular serotyping of Salmonella.

Antibiotic Resistance

The presence of multidrug resistance (MDR) in Gram-negative bacteria makes infections caused by these bacteria extremely difficult to treat. Such bacteria, which produce carbapenemases, ESBLs and AmpCs, are now increasing sharply and spreading worldwide.

Real-time PCR

Detect the clinically most prevalent carbapenemases or ESBLs in just 4.5 hours. By utilizing existing Real-Time equipment and a standard thermal profile, the Check-MDR Real-Time PCR assays can easily be used in your Real-Time labflow.


Pinpoint the presence of multidrug resistance genes through simultaneous analysis of up to 100 specific DNA markers. The Check-MDR CT products are the first to detect carbapenemases, ESBLs and AmpCs in a single test.


25-28 April

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Check-Points is a privately owned diagnostics company founded in 2002 based in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

We focus on the development and commercialization of a new generation of molecular diagnostic solutions for specific routine applications in clinics, institutes and companies.