Check-MDR Carba and Check-MDR ESBL are now available in a 24 reactions as well as a 96 reactions format.
The Check-Points real-time PCR kits allow for accurate detection of the clinically most prevalent carbapenemases and ESBLs - in just 4.5 hours. By utilizing a standard thermal profile as well as existing real-time equipment, the assays are easily implemented in your routine real-time labflow.
Ordering information:
Check-MDR Carba, kit for 24 samples (cat. no. 14-0051)
For detection of: OXA-48, IMP, VIM, KPC, NDM
Check-MDR ESBL, kit for 24 samples (cat no. 14-0050)
For detection of: CTX-M, TEM ESBL, SHV ESBL
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