One accurate test for all clinically prevalent types

Detect carbapenemases or ESBLs with high sensitivity and specificity

Objective results in 4.5 hours

No need for time-consuming interpretation

Use in your Real-Time labflow

Assays utilize existing Real-Time equipment and a standard thermal profile

How it works

1 Identification
  • The probe arms will be ligated together only if they match exactly to the template.
  • A single nucleotide mismatch will prevent ligation of the probe arms.
2 Amplification & Real-Time detection
  • Only ligated probes are amplified.
  • Amplified probes are detected in Real-Time through the hybridization of a molecular beacon.
  • Probes resulting from the identification of resistance genes are all recognized by the same molecular beacon (yellow curve).
  • The DNA control is recognized by a different molecular beacon (blue curve).

Equipment required

  • Thermocycler*
  • Vortex Mixer
  • Mini-centrifuge
  • PCR plate spinner
  • Real-Time PCR instrument*
Reagents required
  • PCR Master Mix*
* Contact your local representative for specifications

Ordering information

Catalog no.Description
14-0040Check-MDR ESBL kit, 96 reactions
14-0041Check-MDR Carba kit, 96 reactions